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Textiles A Classification of Techniques

This is the only title to give a classified overview of the variety of textile techniques. Its first edition (1973), available only in German, had to be reprinted several times. The interest in textiles, textile techniques and structures has increased considerably worldwide since that time and also has led to discoveries of previously unknown procedures.

This completely revised and expanded edition takes these new findings into account. Approximately 300 procedures in thread and textile manufacturing and in textile decoration are presented in the text and the drawings. The most important structures and weave forms, which can be created in very diverse ways, are cited in the appendix. Textiles also shows the basic criteria to differentiate the principal procedures. The book is written for everyone interested in textiles, but especially for textile scientists, anthropologists, archaeologists, historians, collectors, and curators. The bibliography is listed according to technical criteria, as well as to ranges of application (archaeology, anthropology, descriptions of collections, instructions and so on).


Annemarie Seiler-Baldinger


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32 full-colour photograph andmore than 300 black-andwhitediagrams


Portrait; softcover; xvi + 256 pages


240 x 168 mm



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