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The Genesis of Konfrontasi Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia 1945-1965

This book is a study of British postwar colonial involvement in South-East Asia, starting with the presence of British troops in Indonesia in 1945-46 and culminating with the 1963-66 period of confrontation between Malaysia and Indonesia. The book shows that it was not President Sukarno who started confrontation with Malaysia. The study casts new light on the British policy of decolonisation in Malaya, Singapore and the three Borneo territories, Sarawak, Brunei and North Borneo - that is, the proposed Federation of Malaysia - because it shows the British deliberately provoked confrontation with Indonesia to facilitate the inclusion of Sarawak in the formation of Malaysia and to bring down Sukarno. At the crux of this was the Brunei revolt of December 1962. In examining the political conditions in Brunei prior to the instigation of revolt and the reactions from Indonesia at the time of the revolt, the book vindicates the leading role of A.M. Azahari of Brunei who had anticipated a federation of the three Borneo states headed by the Sultan of Brunei as constitutional monarch.


Dr Greg Poulgrain


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