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Perspectives on Chinese Indonesians 

Of all the many problems of maintaining national unity, economic development, and civil and legal rebuilding in post-Soeharto Indonesia, none is more critical than the future involving the ethnic Chinese. Unless their capital and talent is fully utilised and returns to a sufficient extent to Indonesia, the economy will remain in crisis. A restoration of this confidence will, however, only result from a concerted effort to end discrimination. While there has been an understandable resentment of the disproportionate economic power enjoyed by some Chinese businessmen favoured by the Soeharto regime, few people in Indonesia wish to see a repeat of the events accompanying regime change in Indonesia in 1998.

Chinese Indonesian settlement and economic activity in Indonesia has a dynamic and turbulent history. Various papers attempt to bring into focus the issues of discrimination and violence. The historical and entrepreneurial position of the Chinese is examined. Social justice, equitable economic development, the development of conglomerates, racial division, and class and ideology are other areas addressed. Finally, brief comparisons are made with Malaysia and Fiji. Re-evaluation of the ‘Chinese problem’ is an issue that effects all Indonesians, irrespective of their ethnicity.


(edited by) Michael R. Godley & Grayson J. Lloyd


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