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Oceanic Wilderness 


The oceans have held our fascination since man set foot on earth. Only in recent times have means and methods developed to allow us to explore this magical world. With every bit as much colour, fascination and sensation as our land-locked environment, we have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge spawned from this extraordinary phenomenon.

Take a fascinating journey along with the camera, from helicopter to deep reef, from drifting in mid ocean to tropical island and lagoon, from microscope to tidepool, from kelp to coral, from cold water to warm, from day to night, and witness the remarkable secrets and life forms of this last earthly frontier. Feel privileged, as a number of subjects are featured here for the first time and have never been recorded before.

The exquisite beauty of form, colour, and motion of marine life is profusely illustrated in this outstanding book of over 500 colour plates in 312 pages. Five years in preparation, Oceanic Wilderness visits geographic extremities from the Caribbean to the East Pacific, Japan to the South and West Pacific, temperate and tropical Australia to Southeast Asia, through the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea and places in between. This is Rogers third book of this kind, the first sold over 300, 000 copies in six foreign language editions.


The text has been co-authored with Dr Gerry Allan one of the world’s leading reef fish biologists and describes the wonderful diversity of this little known undersea world.The images in this book cover numerous themes from colour to habitat, through 604 photographs..

Roger is unique. He would be the world’s greatest underwater photographer specialising in close up photography of very small creatures. It is a wonder he can find these things let alone photograph them. If you browse through the plates you will see that many of his subjects are measured in millimetres. Like 4mm. One to look at is page 126, 2 cm, and page 96, 10mm. It is incredible photography, and it is like this through out the whole book.


Roger Steene in an under water photographer with nearly 40 years experience. He has established an international reputation for the quality and diversity of his subject matter. Years of devotion to his craft of concentrating on close-up photography and his meticulous attention to detail conveys a unique impression of the undersea realm, covering every aspect of coral-reef life. He has a close relationship with the scientific community and is closely affiliated with several maritime biological institutions around the world.


Roger Steene


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604 photographs


Hard cover, French fold jacket, 340 pp


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