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Natureʼs Way A to Z 


This is a fantastic children’s book of cosmic importance. It illustrates the great variety of the small creatures that live in our world embracing the delicate balance of co-existence and survival through differences in colour, shape, size and habit.

Every living thing, large or small, plays a very important role in the workings of our environment. To protect the world’s declining biodiversity, all children must understand the environment to make sure it is saved for future generations.

The fantastic art of Helen Leitch triggers curiosity in all age groups. Combined with Janeen Brian’s humorous verse the book offers a valuable device to help today’s children understand nature’s way of the environment and how it works. While the children appreciate these charming images - ants, frogs, bush crickets or grass hoppers and many more - they will learn to have a better understanding of them and may instil a desire to search out the woods, witness and appreciate these small animals at work.

The artist portrays our small fauna at play, feasting, at school or participating in an orchestra or circus act, and dressed in the delicate components of the forest fl ora from buds, petals to stamens.


Thirty two pages of full colour illustrations that relate to the 26 letters of the alphabet with a stanza of witty verse for each one.


Helen Leitch’s fascination with natural history developed in early childhood on her parent’s property in the Australian outback. She gained a Diploma of Art at the Newcastle School of Art, and then studied overseas for several years. In 1985 Helen illustrated a children’s book I is for One by Nadia Wheatley for Oxford Univ. Press. Helen’s previous work relating to fl ora and fauna has received critical acclaim nationally and internationally with touring exhibitions in 1993, 1996, 1998 and 2002. As a result she has a strong following for her artwork in the UK.


Janeen Brian is an award-winning poet and author with over sixty children’s books published, many of which have been published in foreign languages. She also writes for Australian and American children’s magazines. While she concentrates on children’s literature, Janeen still enjoys writing adult poetry. Janeen worked as a teacher-librarian before turning to full time writing in 1990.


Helen Leitch & Janeen Brian


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32 pages of numerous illustrations in full colour


Hard cover, jacket, 32 pp


297 x 214mm



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