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Taking Up The Challenge Whiteness Studies in a Postcolonising Nation

Taking up the challenge is an exciting new text focusing on the field of critical race and whiteness studies within Australia. The text includes chapters by key theorists in the area, and will serve as a central reference point for educators in the field, as well as being of interest to academics, policy makers and activists. By pointing towards the relationship that all Australians have to Indigenous sovereignty, Taking up the challenge represents a timely intervention into research in the areas of race and whiteness. In particular, the text draws attention to debates surrounding refugees, Islam, Indigenous land rights and the claims to belonging of white Australians, and all of the contributors examine these key issues in ways that elucidate their complex and often contradictory nature. Taking up the challenge thus represents a timely intervention into the politics of race and whiteness in Australia.

Part 1: Critical whiteness studiesas a pedagogical intervention
Part 2: Ongoinghistories of white violence: Sovereignty, politics & the law
Part 3: National belonging:Challenge to white hegemony
Part 4: Articulating an anti-racist practise:reseaching/writing race and whiteness

Damien W. Riggs is the Editor of Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review and is the author of the forthcoming text Precilla, (White) Queen of the Desert: Race Privilege, Queer Rights, and Postcolonial Location.


Damien W. Riggs (Editor)


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