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Welcome to the CHP website

Welcome to the Crawford House Publishing Australia website. We hope you find what you are looking for, and if you have any problems or queries about the website please email us here.


Please do not e-mail your submission and in particular do not send any attachments to us via e-mail. Send your submission by conventional post.

Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope/Postpak if you would like your submission material returned. Failure to do so will result in the material being re-cycled after our appraisal.

Your submission should be single-sided on A4 paper, double-spaced, 40 mm margins and unbound. Please provide:
  • A paragraph that outlines your ability/authority to write on your chosen topic.
  • A paragraph describing your target audience and why you think this is a timely project worthy of publication.
  • A paragraph listing similar books in print and what makes yours unique.
  • A paragraph on how you think it could be promoted and any industry or media contacts that would help us to market your book.
  • A 400 word synopsis, a list of chapter headings and a brief indication of chapter contents.
  • One to two sample chapters. We prefer the introduction and/or chapter one.
Please allow approximately eight weeks for the appraisal process to occur. You will be notified of the outcome by mail.

Ensure that you retain the original copy of all the submission material that you send to us. Crawford House publishing takes all possible care with submissions but bears no responsibility for the loss or damage of unsolicited materials received.


Brochures Page Launched

A new brochures page has been launched, which will contain brochures on selected titles from our catalogue. You can check it out now here.

Ordering is easy

We are unable to offer online ordering facilities yet. You can order, by phone ( +618 8555 0667 ), or by mail ( 34 Kingdon Place, Goolwa SA 5214 Australia ). We recommend that you don't email us your credit card details; we cannot offer any security for details sent by email. We accept cheques, money orders, international bank drafts made out in Australian dollars, or the following credit cards: Bankcard, Mastercard, and Visa. So phone or fax us your order today. As they say in the classics, "We're waiting for your call!"

Please Note: All books listed on this site are subject to the GST if sold in Australia. For those books whose price is not listed as "inc. GST", please add 10 per cent to the price shown. Overseas customers are not subject to the GST.

Style Manual

To view the Crawford House style manual (Adobe PDF format only; HTML version under construction), please click here. The Crawford House style manual is a brief author's and editor's guide to preparing manuscripts for Crawford House. If you are having troubles viewing it, please contact us and we will email one to your address. Download the Style Manual

Search this site!

To search through our entire catalogue online, simply hover over the 'Search' navigation buttons, and then click on 'catalogue' (or alternatively, click here). Then just type in what your looking for, hit submit, and the relevant results will be displayed, it's as easy as that.

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